Your career path within MCL

Junior Consultant > Project manager > Project leader >   Partner


As Junior consultant, you will contribute to the project by the following tasks:

  • Preparing reports and presentations, based on market research, working sessions with the customer as well as interviews with personnel and/or market players (suppliers, clients, market experts,…)
  • Doing in-depth analyses, creating models and generating first insights
  • Coordinating projects
  • Presenting and communicating findings to team members and clients

You will work in small teams, therefore, your contribution matters from day one.  You are jointly responsible for the projects’ success.

As a Project Manager, you will take the lead of a project. You combine project analysis with project management and leadership tasks. You reconcile the needs and expectations of the client with the team’s efforts, offer frameworks to guide the team’s analyses, and structure the project challenge. You will learn to keep one eye on the big picture and the other on the details. You will manage and stimulate the team and client on a daily basis, making sure you get the results on time and within budget.

As a Project Leader, you will be accountable for the overall client relationship and have ownership of the projects conducted for your clients. You will take creative initiatives to deliver innovative solutions to your clients. You will coach your team members by giving them feedback and supporting their professional growth. Next to client management and team leadership, a growing part of your work will be developing business opportunities for MCL.

As a Partner, you will drive MCL’s business by expanding the firm’s client portfolio and developing new client relationships. You will also play a major role in managing the firm and defining its identity.