About MCL

MCL is a boutique strategic consultancy firm. We develop creative and realistic strategies to improve your market drive. If you are in need of a straightforward, pragmatic look at your business challenges, you have come to the right place.

“Making business decisions becomes more and more challenging in the current entrepreneurial context. Achieving short term returns often conflicts with the long-term strategic development of the organisation. And that is a complicating factor. Operational problems may further divert the attention from the pursuit of a strategic vision.”

 Juul  Ivens – Founder MCL

We believe that your company’s sustainable growth depends on its market drive and self-learning capability. Starting from our business model reflection we evaluate and challenge consistency through all domains of your organisation. We reveal current thinking systems of each department and guide them towards a shared vision. Always with bottom-line benefits (EBIT) as starting and ending point.

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Developing strategy & creating value
    • Company audit from a strategy perspective
    • Discovering opportunities
    • Developing vision, mission, strategy
    • Market research: surveying stakeholder and estimating market potential
    • Diversification or internationalisation
    • Cost-to-serve analysis and optimisation
    • Optimising pricing
    • Finding and Eliminating margin leaks
Accelerating growth
    • Defining focus & positioning
    • Elaborate customer-centric strategies on marketing & sales
    • Finding and using growth levers
Aligning the organisation
    • From product driven organisation to market driven organisation
    • Aligning the organisation for a growth strategy
    • Post M&A integration
    • Introducing competence and positional excellence
    • Developing the organisational structure
    • Understanding and transforming culture
Partner search & partnership development
    • Partner screening
    • Discovering synergies
    • Facilitate the win-win partnership discussions
    • Choosing the right Collaboration Model
Guidance on implementation
    • Business Plan per segment, per business unit, per product line
    • Alignment of all functional domains with the new strategy
    • Deploying new internal models: M&S, R&D, HR, supply chain, purchase, IT, finance and reporting
Change Management
    • Project & programme management
    • Team dynamics & effectiveness
    • Cultural transformation
    • Coaching organisational maturity growth
    • Personal development plans on management level
    • Reinventing organisational working
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Our Approach

We take a comprehensive and in-depth look at your business, your organisation and your market position as a basis for concrete recommendations. Our consultants will devise a tailor-made methodology. During our partnership we wish to exchange as much information as possible and to work with you as a team to find the best solutions to your problems – whereas we always keep implementation in mind.


A market driven approach to your strategy

“Market driven is the superior ability to understand, attract and retain valuable customers resulting in the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage.”


We start with an in-depth analysis, whereas we fully understand internal and external key challenges and opportunities. Alongside a choice concerning the business model is made which in turn lays the foundation for your focus, competitive positioning and implementation plan.

Business model

A holistic vision to improve self-learning capabilities

We are convinced that a problem has to be seen in a global perspective, not as an isolated phenomenon. Therefore, our services cover not only Corporate Strategy, but go towards every functional domain in order to develop a shared vision. We believe that when all parts of the organisation are directed towards the same strategy, your company only can excel in creating and delivering value, driven by a dynamic which improves the self-learning capabilities of your company.


Superior strategy by implementation excellence

A strategy is only as effective as its implementation. The organizational design is a crucial enabler of a succesful strategy. The structure should be aligned with its future business drivers and its optimal dimensioning, as all functional domains should work toghether in the same direction.  Toghether with our clients, we identify what it takes to  implement change in your organisation, as finance, sales, marketing, supply chain, R&D, culture and HR.


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Our geographical experience


A selection of our references

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If you wonder what we’ve done in your branch, or fancy a case from your industry: don’t hesitate to get in touch!